Your YouChoose Band Member/Song Requestor/Shareable $25,000 Tool Kit

Your YouChoose Song Requestor/Ticket Selling Tool Kit
Be like the Boss and spread the word!

Let's say you just bought and requested a song for an upcoming YouChoose event.  You want others to come with you.  Or, you want them to see you sing with your YouChoose Band.  Or, lucky you, you're actually in the band.  What do you say to people?  How do you reach them?  We have words.  We have ideas.  You'll see below scripts that you can use for texting, Tweeting, posting on Facebook, emailing or even, God forbid, speaking to somebody on the phone.  We're all about raising money for great causes.  We need your help to spread the word and get fannies in those seats.  Here's the help you need to help us.  Cool?

Your YouChoose Song Requestor/Ticket Selling Tool Kit

We'll break this up by category.  Let's start here:


You only have 140 characters, and the script below (which includes a link for folks to click upon), chimes in at 136.  Use this.  A lot.

I'm raising $25,000 to help feed NJ. Will you help me? Buy a ticket or song request and have some fun. Click here: 


With Facebook, it's not just the words you say.  It's the image you attach.  You friends' eyes will be more attracted to an image than just the words you post.  So, let's first repeat the Twitter message, because brevity is best: I'm raising $25,000 to help feed NJ. Will you help me? Buy a ticket or song request and have some fun. Click here: 

Okay.  Now, you need to attach an image.  Save an image you think makes sense.  Here's one that could work:

With your mouse, right-click on the image above (or any image you like).  Click on "Save Image As" and direct the image into a folder you'll remember, like My Pictures.  Then Save.  Good?  Now, back to Facebook.

See the post you made, with our Twitter script?  Now click on "Add Photos/Video."  Now, click "Upload Photos/Video."  A folder will open up.  Get to the folder where you saved the image.  Double-click on that image.  You'll be taken back to your Facebook post.  Click "Post" and you're done!


The idea here is that you're going to email people you know: friends, family members, co-workers, customers.  Let's say you're a sales person and you're trying to get in good with a client.  Invite them to a YouChoose event and let them watch you sing.  Or, even better, convince them to sing a duet with you.  Build a relationship, have fun, and help a great, great cause.

Compose your email like any other.  Just be sure to include the main information, which we can steal from our Facebook and Twitter scripts above.  You need to make sure this doesn't feel or smell like spam, so you'll have to personalize this.  Even if you send it to 25 people at one time, to save you time, make sure they know this is from you.  The Subject is important.  If you blow it here, they'll delete it.  Get it right the first time, said Billy Joel.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • I Never Ask You For Anything (But I Just Might Now) [note: This one sounds like a great country song title.  Please write it and make a million bucks.]
  • It's Me - Have 3 Minutes To Read Something?
  • I'm On A Mission - Want To Help?

Use whichever you want, or make up your own.  You have your own personality, so use it.

Once you have your subject, start with a simple intro:

Hi - I promised myself that this would be the year that I do things I've never done before.  While this doesn't include jumping out of an airplane, it does include getting on stage in front of my friends and trying to sing.  Will you join me for this momentous occasion?

Again, just an idea.  Here's the big part:

 I'm raising $25,000 to help feed NJ. Will you help me? Buy a ticket or song request and have some fun. Click here: 

Get a Call To Action in there.  Get them to buy a ticket, or tickets, to watch you.  Get them to request a song request to join you.  Give them your phone number.  Invite them to call you to talk about it.  Just make sure it's clear that you need them to buy tickets now.  They're cheaper if they buy tickets in advance.  No matter what, get commitments by getting them to buy.  If they buy a ticket, the chances are better that they'll show up and support you.  Plus, that helps us get to our goal.


Maybe you're someone who'd rather send a quick text.  Simple.  Send a text and get them to call you or look on your Facebook page so they can click on your post and buy tickets.

Here's a text script:

Dave Philp here - Call me.  I'm doing something cool and want to know if you can help me.

There.  You put in a call to action - "Call me."  They know you're going to ask them for something, so there's no sleazy element of surprise.  And there's a little mystery that will hopefully get them to call you.  

You can always change it to: When can I call you?  I'm doing something cool and want to know if you can help me.

The Phone

This is crazy, but suppose you call somebody and actually speak to them?  This is the recommended way just because it's easy to delete an email.  It's easy to miss your Facebook post on a newsfeed.  Lots of people don't use Twitter at all after signing up.  So dial for dollars!  Just make a call and use the text script to start:

'm doing something cool and want to know if you can help me.

From there, you can just tell 'em.  "I'm going to sing/play at this show (or I requested a song for this show) and am trying to help raise $25,000 for this food bank.  Want to go with me?"

Go for it!


Does this help?  If you need help or coaching, just call me, your Chief Organizer Guy (Dave Philp).  You can call/text me at 917-204-1929.  You can email me:  Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.  Heck, you can even comment on one of our YouTube videos.  I'll see it and I'll respond.

We're trying to do some great things at YouChoose.  But there's a reason why "You" is in the name of our company.  We can't do it alone.  We NEED you.  We'll help you help us.  Just tell us what you need.  Cool?