Dave Philp - C.O.G. & Skins

Dave Philp of www.MyYouChoose.com
Dave shampoos often enough to keep his false locks flowing like rivers of Rock N Roll!

He's the greatest rock star you've never heard of.  His throat is made of gold and his bling is made of, uh, more gold.  He's so filthy rich, he must shower twice a day.  He's your YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy (C.O.G.), Dave Philp.  Dave is a complex individual.  Sure, he's got two kids and one wife, but who doesn't?  The question is, what makes Dave different from the rest?  Read on and find out.

Dave is also a reknowned drummer and percussionist.  When Phil Collins flew the Concorde from England to Philly in July, 1985 so he could play at both Live Aid events, who do you think was Phil's stand-in on the skins?  Yes, it was Chester Thompson.  But Dave Philp saw it all on TV.  And he knew one day he would be as influential as Phil Collins.

Fast-forward to now.  Kanye West regularly asks Dave about how to sharpen the blades on a Craftsman lawn mower.  When Shania Twain wants to know if i goes before e in the Spanish translation of "Man, I Feel Like A Woman," she hits speed dial and rings up Dave.  When Jimmy Page and Robert Plant want to start up rumors about another Led Zeppelin reunion tour, they reach out to Dave and ask if he can keep a secret (FYI - Dave has heard from two solid sources that Led Zep will hit Poughkeepsie first during their 2014 U.S. swing).  Dave is the go-to guy for all things music in this world.  And you've never heard of him.

Until now.

YouChoose is Dave's brainchild, a brainchild being more attractive than an ugly stepchild.  You can read about him HERE if you want to really go deep into the YouChoose development.  The bottom line about YouChoose is this: It's a well thought out organization that can raise money, provide a new medium for sponsors to allocate their marketing dollars, raise brand awareness for causes and sponsors, and provide an evening of unforgettable fun for people from 5 to 97 (if you're 98, you'll hate it). 

A little background on Dave.  Music Management degree from William Paterson University (although it was a college when he graduated).  MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University in NYC.  20+ years experience in the entertainment world working for PolyGram Records, the Universal Music Group, New Video (home video distributor of all A&E, History Channel & Biography Channel content), The Edge With Jake Sasseville (indie TV show) and Greater Media Broadcasting (a bunch o' radio stations).  Davey was an adjunct professor at Willy P for 9 years in the Music Mgt department and has been playing drums since 7th grade.  Here's a juicy piece of meaningless trivia: During Dave's senior year of high school, he simultaneously received voice, piano, drumset and percussion lessons.  Can anyone say, "Jack of all trades, master of none"?  

Wanna talk YouChoose possibilities with Dave?  Call him.  Go on.  It'll be fun.  Here's his number: 917-204-1929.  If he actually picks up, don't be frightened.  Just say, "Hello, Davey" and he'll guide you through the rest.  Just remember.  When you're talking to Dave, you're speaking with rock 'n' roll royalty.  Don't mention red M&Ms.  He'll quite possibly freak out on you.