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The Girl In The Video

I was looking up Don Henley's "Boys Of Summer" video (which isn't on YouTube but IS on Vimeo, don't ask me why) and came across an article about the girl who was in the video.  If you recall, there was a girl painting her toenails, chewing gum, and wearing a negligee (yes, I've seen the video quite a bit).  Who was she?  You can read all about her HERE.  Scroll down the page and see more interviews with other femmes from '80s videos.  It's interesting if you were a teenage boy in 1985.

CUMAC Beatles Night - Song Requests Only $40 Each!!

We're taking song requests for CUMAC Beatles Night, an evening of 100% Beatles music on Saturday, March 15 in Whippany, NJ.  The evening is made up of YOUR song requests.  Each request is only $40 and, as a bonus, you can even sing/play with the band if you so desire!  100% of your song request money goes to CUMAC, New Jersey's most pivotal food bank.  To make your request, just go HERE.

Linda Ronstadt's "Hurts So Bad" - Best Guitar Solo You Didn't Know About

Just heard this and it nailed me to the floor (not literally, that'd be weird).  Listen from the beginning of "Hurt So Bad" by Linda Ronstadt or scroll to 1:40 for the best guitar solo you didn't know about.  Do it.  Now!

Your Ultimate Soft Rock Playlist

Long live Soft Rock!  Wait.  Nobody ever said that. Soft Rock isn't cool.  It's full of guilty pleasures and anti-Real Man emotions, like love.  Yet, Hall & Oates and Don Henley and Carly Simon have, well, they've done okay when it comes to their pocketbooks.  Which means somebody liked their stuff enough to buy it.  Below is your ultimate Soft Rock playlist. What do you think?

The K-Tel Records Story

If you were alive in the 1970s and early-1980s, you remember those K-Tel Records commercials.  You could buy all of today's hits, by their original stars, for only $4.99 LP/$3.99 Cassette (or 8-Track).  These were like today's Now series, but a whole lot cheaper.  Below, you'll see three videos all about how K-Tel got started and all of the stuff they sold on TV.  It's worth checking out.  So please, go do so and become a better human being.

The K-Tel Records Story

Zaentz/Vanz Kant Dance

This guy, Saul Kaentz, died this week.  John Fogerty feuded with him bitterly (is there another way to feud?).  Here's his song, "Vanz Kant Danz," all about it: