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Beastie Boys - Funniest Rap/Hip-Hop Group Of All-Time? Part III

We believe we're right: The Beastie Boys are the funniest Rap/Hip-Hop group of all-time.  Part I is HERE.  Part II of our feelings is HERE.  If you still don't agree, ch-check out their "Intergalactic" video below.  Then tell us who's more humorous than this trio.

Beastie Boys - Funniest Rap/Hip-Hop Group Of All-Time? Part II

In Part I HERE, we looked at "Ch-Check It Out" by The Beastie Boys.  Now watch "Sabotage," an awesome and comedic video by the funniest Rap/Hip-Hop group of all-time.


The Christmas Tree From Hell

This is the definition of a Christmas tree from hell.  Doth thou agreeith?

Beastie Boys - Funniest Rap/Hip-Hop Group Of All-Time?

What do you think?  Are the Beastie Boys the funniest Rap/Hip-Hop group of all-time? Here's example number one.  Ch-Check it out!


Wayne Olsen: A Record Guy's Favorite Christmas Songs

I love Christmas music, everything from Messiah to Advent hymns to Phil Spector to Vince Guaraldi to my mom’s Swedish Christmas album.  I mean, I even like that Mariah Carey song!

Led Zeppelin On Spotify & Beyonce's Surprise New Non-Christmas Album

Last week, there were two big music releases.  One was the announcement by Spotify that the full Led Zeppelin catalog would be available on the service over a period of days.  The second, bigger splash, was Beyonce's new "visual album," which was available exclusively through iTunes.  In the great scheme of all things music, should we care?  Does this help new, DIY artists?  Or is this just a stunt, a gimmick, that can't be repeated?

"Christmas Time (Is Here Again)" - The Beatles Song You Never Hear At Christmas

If you complain about traditional ("terrestrial") radio so much that you never listen, mainly because of too many commercials and/or the same songs being played over and over again, you'd think Christmas time would be different.  If a station can go from giving us Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga 11 months of the year to Perry Como and Bing Crosby, you'd think their variety would be off the charts.  Proof of that fallacy is "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)" by The Beatles.  Ever heard it?  Why not?  It's only 46 years old!

Cover Me: "Wonderful Christmastime" (McCartney vs. Straight No Chaser)

By now, we've all heard Paul McCartney's original song "Wonderful Christmastime" about 89 times since Thanksgiving.  With another 7 or 8 days before Christmas, we're in store for another 27 to 34 listenings (all involuntary, mind you).  What would happen if radio stations and music programmers slipped in this new, acapella version (which features Sir Paul) by Straight No Chaser?  What's wrong with a little variety?  Nothing.  So curators of sound, give us some variety.

Cover Me: "I Believe In Father Christmas" (Greg Lake or U2)

If you're thinking, 'I don't know this song,' you probably do.  It's not the most played song at the holidays, but it gets its fair share.  It was originally recorded by Greg Lake of the group Emerson, Lake, & Palmer back in 1974.  A number of cover versions have been recorded, but maybe the best is U2's 2008 version.  Both are below.  Which one do you like best?

Cover Me: "Gold Dust Woman" (Fleetwood Mac vs. Halestorm)

Listening to good old fashioned radio tonight (105.5 WDHA-FM), your author of this post (who is me, or I, but definitely not you) heard Halestorm's cover version of Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman."  It seems Halestorm has just released a whole slew of cover tunes, from this to Pat Benatar's "Hell Is For Children" to "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk.  Let's focus on "Gold Dust Woman."  Which version do you prefer, the original Fleetwood Mac (sung by Stevie Nicks) song or the Halestorm version (sung by Lzzy Hale?  Both are below.  Vote and let us know what you think.