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Billy Joel "She's Right On Time" - Underrated Christmas Song?

Would you consider Billy Joel's "She's Right On Time" a Christmas Song?  If you say yes, would you consider it an underrated Christmas song?  If yes, watch the video, tell your friends, and turn it into something everybody loves.  


The Mad Drummer

In case you've never seen the video below, it is required viewing for anybody even remotely interested in the most basic of human music forms.  In other words, this video is really cool and you should see it.  "The Mad Drummer" you see is Steve Moore.  This video, shot be a casual fan, has been seen by 25 million pairs of eyes.  Check out Steve's website HERE.  T-shirts, The Office, festivals - the guy has turned one video into a career.  Pretty cool, huh?

Nelson Mandela Tribute Pt. 2

Here's U2's new song, "Ordinary Love," from the new film about Nelson Mandela coming out any day.


In Memoriam: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has died.  His influence on Africans and culture around the world cannot be understated.  Here's Artists Against Apartheid and the song "Sun City," from 1985.


Guilty Pleasures: The 6 Best Soft Rock Songs In The History Of The World

Soft Rock is dead.  It's not sick.  It's not missing.  It's just plain dead.  If you're at least, say, 35 years old, you may remember the days when you'd flip on a hit radio station and hear a new song by James Taylor or Hall & Oates.  Not anymore.  Turn on your Lite-FM station and it's mostly the music you hear on your Top 40 station, just more female driven (except, of course, at Christmastime).  Let's step in our time machine and look back at the 6 best soft rock songs ever (pre-Rihanna and any American Idol winner).

"Against All Odds" - The BBC Live Aid Documentary

Here's the full documentary (in 6 parts) about the Live Aid story, which started with Bob Geldof and "Do They Know It's Christmas."  Remember that ditty?  Watch it all below and tell us: Would any of this be possible today?

"Against All Odds" - The BBC Live Aid Documentary

How's Your Mood? Great Links For You To Check Out

Dave Philp, your YouChoose Music Chief Organizer Guy, is the official Music Wellbeing Expert at Pazoo, a website devoted to animal and human wellness (maybe even in that order).  Philp, who is awesome, has written a series of articles about songs and how they affect your mood.  To check 'em out, just click HERE.  You'll be a better person because of it.

Music Week In Review Part II: 50 Years Since JFK

It was 50 years ago this week since the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Rather than re-do what has already been done extremely well, go to THIS LINK to see a very good song list compiled by Billboard Magazine called 10 Songs Remembering John F. Kennedy.  It includes Public Enemy, The Police, Eminem, The Rolling Stones, and 6 more.  One interesting tidbit about their list: It doesn't include any songs sung by women.

Music Week In Review Part I: A Portrait of President Lincoln

Seven score and ten years ago this week, President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address (Hey Geography majors: name the place where he gave the address).  If you're a Rock music fan, or an R&B buff, or a student of Hip-Hop, or a Country stalwart (a stalwart has nothing to do with Harry Potter), you may not have ever heard of Aaron Copland.  Copland was one of America's greatest composers (the movie Copland had nothing to do with him).  How does Copland tie into Lincoln?  See below.

Underrated: The Tubes

The Tubes are one of the workhorse bands of the 1980s (and late-'70s) who churned out a few hits, recorded a lot of great songs, were funny and amazingly creative, and rocked it live.  But it seems they never received the same mass love (or record sales) as their contemporaries (Huey Lewis & The News, The Cars, Journey).  Thus, our question: Are they underrated?  Take a look at the videos below, including a live concert from MTV in 1983, and let us know if you agree.