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What Kind Of Mood Are You In?

YouChoose Music Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp is the official "Music Wellbeing Expert" for, a website created around the idea of healthy living for people (i.e. humans) and their pets (i.e. tarantulas, ferrets).  Look at the song list below then read on underneath it.  

That Song By Jackson Browne You Forgot About But Never Knew The Title Of Anyway

From 1980, "That Girl Could Sing" was kind of a hit song for Jackson Browne off of his Hold Out album.  Critics derided (that means didn't like) the album or the song, but critics are jerks anyway.  Give a listen.  It may be one of Browne's best songs; it's definitely his best song that we forgot about and never knew the title (which he never outright sings; the closest he comes is "but she could sing.").  Listen.  What chu think?

The Short List: 6 Songs About Heaven From The 1980s

Heaven has been written and sung about for centuries.  In the 1980s, the subject and its use as a metaphor were covered countless times.  What are some of the most memorable?  Let's mix some Bryan Adams, a little Joan Armatrading, a wee bit o' Deon Estes (who?), an ex-Go-Go (who's now a current Go-Go), and a surprise or two to come up with a short list of songs about the ultimate vacation destination, heaven.

The Short List: 6 Songs About Heaven From The 1980s

PALOALTO: "Heroes And Villains" (The Best Album You've Never Heard)

In 2003, Rick Rubin's American label released an album called Heroes And Villains by the band PALOALTO.  Nobody bought it.  That is a real shame.  It is arguably the best rock album of that year and arguably the best album you've never heard.  It's hard to find it these days in record stores, but only because record stores are hard to find.  We have it below, in its entirety, thanks to Spotify.  Listen at no charge and let us know if we're right.  Because we are.

Cover Me: "Get Here" (For Veterans Day)

Veterans Day is almost upon us.  For those of us who were of a certain age during The Gulf War in 1990/1991, you may remember the tremendous show of support for U.S. troops.  One of these public showings was on radio, which back then was still a major cultural force.  Songs like "Show Me The Way" by Styx and George Michael's "Mothers Pride" received airplay under the context that these were songs perfect for a public desperate to show this would be no Vietnam.  The biggest song of this period?  "Get Here" and its artist, Oleta Adams.

Hanging Out With David + Dave: Live With Armen Mahdessian of Tiny Time Machines

Watch out!  (See the joke coming right up.)  On this superior episode of Hanging Out With David + Dave, the Double-D boys interview Armen Mahdessian of Tiny Time Machines.  What is Armen, exactly?  He is a time bandit.  He is a leader of space, a man not afraid of the ticking clock and where those ticks lead us, or him, or you, or me.  Want to know more?  Us too.  That's why we spoke with this fella.  Here.  Watch.

The Top 6 Halloween Songs Ever - Ever! EVER!!

Halloween is but one day a year, but its songs last forever.  Or at least they last for a few weeks, say from the second week of October until All Hallows Eve itself.  Unlike Christmas, where holiday songs start getting regular airplay November 1st and can last through the first of the new year, Halloween is a quick burn.  So before the big day is through, listen to our list of The Very Best Halloween Songs Ever.  Then, scroll below for the Top 6.  What are your faves?

YouChoose On YouTube: "Thriller" (Michael Jackson)

Taken to raise money & awareness for CUMAC, New Jersey's most pivotal food bank, at the YouChoose Music Festival on October 19, 2013.  Like it?