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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Material Girl"

There's a great new George Harrison documentary playing on HBO this month called "Living In The Material World."  If you're into music, if you're into the Beatles, if you're into George's music, this is one documentary you need to see.  It's only problem?  Every time I see the title, I think of Madonna.  And that's why "Material Girl" is your YouChoose Song of the Day.


Tom Fulgenzi - Shotgun Guitar

When we perform with Tom Fulgenzi, we're always sure to wear bulletproof attire.  Not that he means to harm us.  It's just Tom Fulgenzi is so fast and so deadly with his guitar, one needs to treat his axe like it's something he had to register for and wait five days to finally clear to get it.  He's better than good and more melodic than your greatest muse.  And that's how he tricks you.  Before you know it, you're looking down the barrell of a loaded Stratocaster and fearing for you life.


Michael Sherman - The Five-Armed Keyboard Lord

Michael Sherman is the kind of machine we humans worry about.  He plays keyboards with such precision, perfection and soul, you'd think it was all pre-recorded.  He sings as if auto-tune was an offshoot of his throat.  He looks the part of the perfect throwback to yesteryear.   Believe me, we've taken blood samples just to make sure he's one of us.  He's that super-human.


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)"

It's true.  Studies have shown that metal health will drive you both crazy AND mad.  So please, at all costs, refrain from head-banging during the playing of this particular jingle.


Awesomely Cool Volunteers - What You Would Do?

I threw up on Craig's List last weekend (not via vomit, but street-slang for "wrote and posted") a sort of Help Wanted ad.  The idea was, and is, to recruit a few volunteers (they legally can't be called Interns if they're helping a company achieve its objectives, which is stupid but the Wall Street Protestors won't take up that cause just yet) to help take YouChoose to the next, here's a cliche, the next level.  One question is, what would a volunteer do?  We have that for ya,

What Would Volunteers Do?


Miller Lite - Great Commercials From The '80s #2

In honor of Miller Lite, we're running a series of great Miller Lite television commercials from your 1980s.  Does your brain recall this one, starring John Madden?


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark"

Robert Cray had a nice mainstream gig going for a few years in the 1980s, beginning with his single "Smoking Gun" and continuing with this perfect song as we near Halloween, "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark."  The song isn't scary, except for the somewhat awesome blues-based guitar solo.  Man, he was/is good on that axe (fancy musician-speak for "instrument").  In 1988, this song peaked at #88.  Think it would even get close in 2011?  No, me neither.


Russell Ford - The Better Than Mobile, Better Than Landline Saxophone

Everybody has a telephone.  Everybody has a cellphone.  But does everybody have a saxophone?  Nyet.  (That's a fancy word in another language for "No.")  But you know what?  Your YouChoose Band has a saxophone, and it comes with great long-distance rates (stand right next to it or stand outside - same great sound, same great price).  Our saxophone is dialed up via the one and only Russell Ford, who joins YouChoose with one goal in mind: a clear, crisp sound.


Miller Lite - Great Commercials From The '80s # 1

In honor of Miller Lite, we present the first of a series of great Miller Lite commercials from the 1980s.  Remember this?

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Like The Way I Do:

They say that a new artist has a whole lifetime to make their first album, then about 6 months to make the second.  That's probably why there are so many new artists you never hear from again.  And that's probably why Melissa Etheridge never wrote another song as raw, disturbing and emotionally powerful as "Like The Way I Do," off of her 1989 self-titled debut album.  If you know her post-'89 material, you know what I mean.  It was corporate, soft rock, throw-away stuff.  But for one album, she rocked like no other artist had rocked in years.


Very Cool Music Events Fundraising Company Seeks ENERGETIC Volunteers!

If you have a passion for helping others and also love music and the music industry, YouChoose has a great opportunity for you.  We're looking for volunteers to help with a number of tasks.  Contact Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp at 917-204-1929 or Dave@MyYouChoose right now and he'll give you the full lowdown.  Will you have fun, learn and get your creative rocks off?  That's a big Uh-Huh!  Call today.


Your YouChoose Sponsor Hall Of Fame

Want to know what companies have ever stepped out and agreed to become a YouChoose sponsor, while simultaneously (that's fancy for "at the same time") making an excellent marketing decision and helping out a great cause?  Then click on Read More below and take a look.  The list is always growing.  Want to become part of the club?  CONTACT US and we'll make it easy and fun.  Guaranteed!


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "On My Own"

Don't ask me how this song go into my head this week, but it did.  Then, thankfully, it ebbed away.  Flash forward to today.  Somebody says the words "on my own" somewhere in a sentence and the song steamrolls back into my brain, destroying all thoughts and subconscious desires in its path, wrecking hearts and taking no heed for others.  It was a pure possession, and the only way to exorcise this was to share it with you.  So here 'tis.


More YouChoose Sponsors Who've Chosen To Rock!

We had a big week this week, booking 6 sponsorships for three different YouChoose events.  At this special moment, we want to especially welcome Sterling Rose, Paterson Papers and Dr. Rex Ghassemi's Advanced Cardiology Practice.  These guys know how to rock.  And we're going to tell you how in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  Read on...