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The African Hunger

It's 2011 and we're in the middle of a technological revolution.  We can communicate in so many different ways, easily.  The voices in the world have more access to being heard than any time in the history of mankind because of technology.  We are on the verge of so many breakthroughs and, in many cases, have made the breakthroughs.  Yet the African hunger that is currently ravaging through the continent continues like a plague.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "She Thinks I Still Care"

This may be a new song to many of you.  It was to us.  But YouChoose BFF, Ken Toumey, reached out yesterday on Twitter and suggested this song as a YouChoose Song of the Day.  It dates back to 1962, when it was a #1 Country & Western hit for George Jones.  Connie Francis and Anne Murray both charted with a female point of view of the song, "He Thinks I Still Care." But Ken didn't bring that up, so we won't dwell.








Save This Date!

CUMAC's 14th Annual

HELP Dinner and Silent Auction

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tides Estate, North Haledon

This is a night to celebrate another year of service.  Join us as we honor the Passaic County Board of Realtors with our President's Award and Dave Philp with our Banfield-Coxe Award. 

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Reason To Believe"

Good friend to MyYouChoose, Elaine Schlatter, had a question.  Yesterday, I posted on Twitter (find us there: @MyYouChoose) how I was listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Reason To Believe" off of his 1981 acoustic masterpiece, Nebraska.  Elaine, a top musician in New Jersey's Hanover Wind Symphony, asked if this "Reason To Believe" was the same as the version by The Carpenters.  I took this as an opportunity to do a little e

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Wreck On The Highway"

I've recently discovered the deeper tracks on Bruce Springsteen's 1980 album, The River.  Here's a live video of "Wreck On The Highway," the very last song on the album.  Listen to the words.  Feel the mood.  It's a great song and worthy of today's YouChoose Song Of The Day.  Bonus: After the Springsteen video, listen to Roy Acuff's own song called "Wreck On The Highway."  Do you hear the influence? 



Gone Fishing

I went fishing yesterday for the first time in at last 30 years, which makes me feel old and also indicates how I'm a lousy fisherman.  My kids were with me, both little girls, 10 and 7 years old, and my brother's two kids, boys who are 15 and 7.  Oh, and the wife hung as well.  We took turns throwing out the lines and reeling the fake bait back in.  Over and over again.  We didn't catch anything.  After we were through and walking home, I came to this conclusion: Fishing if boring.


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Heaven"

We weren't big fans of Warrant, nor were we big fans of their lead singer, Jani Lane.  Might have been the hair - Warrant was one of those middle-tier hair bands in the late-'80s, along with Great White, White Lion, and others.  It doesn't matter now.  Lane was found dead yesterday in an LA hotel room.  Sounds like one of those real rock n roll deaths.  Ironically, one of Warrant's biggest hits was "Heaven."  In honor of the late-Jani Lane, that is your YouChoose Song of the Day.

Now Sponsoring CUMAC '80s Night 2.0: Public Image Ltd. The Salon

Public Image Ltd. - The Salon was a great sponsor of our first CUMAC '80s Night.  To find out everything about their sponsorship and how sponsorships of YouChoose events go, just click HERE.   Meanwhile, check out some video that shows what great partners they were at the event.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "One Week"

"One Week."  Great song.  Great band.  We're choosing "One Week" today because our theme is Five Bucks A Week.  We wrote HERE about how the economy is in the dumps and causes/charities should expect less from government going forward.  Not for political reasons (the old big vs. small gov't argument), but because the government doesn't have the money.  So where can we get it?  Through Five Bucks A Week.

Five Bucks A Week

Imagine if the entire United States population of 308+ million, little babies included, gave $5 per week to a National Cause Pool or Charity Bank.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: "Too Hot To Stop"

I was listening to WDHA (105.5 "The Rock of New Jersey") last Friday and PM Drive Guy Curtis Kay played this song by Benjamin Orr.  Remember Ben?  He was the bass player with The Cars, the guy with the really good voice.  Ben died in 2000 from pancreatic cancer.  In honor of Ben, here's a really good song that's only been viewed on YouTube 8,926 times.  Can we up that, just for the heck of it?  Thanks.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Miss You

How can we not love Ken Toumey to pieces?  Here he comes again with a great request to start our weekend.  Here are your Rolling Stones with "Miss You," their big disco hit that was #1 exactly 33 years ago today.  Ken, please never leave us.  We'd miss you more than you can imagine.



The New Cause & Charity Equilibrium

Here's an idea: Get rid of the government and open up a Home Depot for the economy.  Then we'd be able to fix it ourselves and not rely on the government.  Do we have ideas?  Read on and let us know if you agree or disagree.  YouChoose!

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Rivers Of The Hidden Funk

This song hit me hard today in an unexpected way (hey, cool unintended rhyme).  The cool part about having hundreds of songs on shuffle is the unexpected is always just a song away.  Here's a hidden gem by Joe Walsh from his 1981 album, There Goes The Neighborhood.  Some trivia: This was written for The Eagles' 1979 album, The Long Run, but didn't make the final cut.  Yet they kept "Greeks Don't Want No Freaks."  Go figure.

Enjoy some Joe Walsh on a rainy day.

Orville Redenbacher Would Be Proud

Things are poppin'! Hoping to have a big announcement tomorrow of a new YouChoose association that will bring some great value to sponsors and everyone who attends our events.  We also have some cool meetings lined up that are going to be extremely meaningful to many of you.  Stay tuned!