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Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Broken Wings

Good friend Geri Rosman of GR*PR (a maestro of Public Relations) introduced us to Roots And Wings tonight, an organization that "provides young adults who age out of the foster care system in New Jersey with safe housing, educational support, counseling, and life skills in order to empower them toward self-sufficiency."  In other words, they do great things for kids.  Is there a future YouChoose event in our combined future?  We

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Summer Nights

Thanks to Adam Platt, a good man. Find him on Twitter: @platta He'll give you a good laugh.  He's also the guy who won the bass auction at our last event, CUMAC '80s Night.  Guess what?  He's pretty good.  Go figure.  Now, on to Adam's summer song suggestion, "Summer Nights," from the 1978 movie Grease.  Go Olivia!  Go John!  And to think, when I saw the 50 times when I was ten, I had no idea how dirty this song was.  I guess we just keep on learnin', don't we?  Enough chatter.  On to Adam's song!

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Working For The Weekend

Hell yeah, it's a cliche to choose this song on a Friday, but our buddy Ken Toumey is back from a Colorado vacation and itching for some Loverboy.  Sounds like Kenny's going to have himself a busy weekend!  Here's a live version of the song from 1986 that you've probably never seen before.  Two word for you: Rock on!



Dave Matthews & The YouChoose Spirit

Just saw that Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds are going to put on a charity concert on August 20th.  The causes that benefit?  Chosen by the people who buy tickets.  This is exactly what YouChoose is all about.  Look at our logo - YouChoose the Decade, the Songs and the Cause.  We say, Awesome!

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

You know, if this song had come out in 1992 instead of 1972, the Boys in the title would have had a Z.  Just sayin'.  Now sit back for 13 minutes and 42 seconds and enjoy the hypnotic sounds of Traffic's classic tune, "The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boyz."


December 3rd

Just a reminder that our next big gig is on December 3rd.  Where?  To benefit whom?  We're keeping that a secret for now.  So, you gonna save that date or what?  Thanks.  We love you very, very much.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Lonely People

In honor of Dan Peek, founder of the band America, who died on Sunday.


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Summer Breeze

Seals & Crofts.  Very different from Sid & Marty Krofft.  Seals & Crofts wrote and performed "Summer Breeze."  No mention of WitchiePoo once.

Summer Songs

Just thinking, without the help of Google, songs that have something to do with summertime and heat.  Here's what we've come up with: Summertime Blues, Hot Fun In The Summertime, Summer of '69, Summertime Girls, anything by Donna Summer (that's a joke, lighten up), Hot Stuff, Summertime (by Gershwin), The Heat Is On, In The Heat Of The Night, Too Hot... Oops.  The mind has gone blank.  Got any suggestions?

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Don't Stop Believing

I hooked up with a woman named Becky Curran on Twitter this week (you can hook up with her too: @BeckyMotivates).  She has a cool blog on Tumblr called Becky Motivates.  Check it out if you have moment.  Anyway, when we followed each other, I asked her what her favorite song of all time was.  She said "Don't Stop Believing."  Makes sense for her.  So here's your YouChoose Song of the Day.

A guy I worked with a few years ago, Michael Prywes (huge Mets fan, by the way) hooked up with me last night on the new Google+.  As I looked around his profile, I saw he had a link to some kind of biography.  I clicked and came to THIS.  Did you click too?  Isn't it cool?  I was so enamored, that I made one for myself.  Click HERE to check it out.  You should give it a try too.  Or you don't have to.  YouChoose.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado

Remember Ken Toumey?  If you were here last weekend, our friend Ken requested some Loggins & Messina for your YouChoose Song of the Day.  We gave him "Angry Eyes" and he was very happy.  Ironic.  Now, Kenneth is on his way to Colorado for a short vacation and he came back to us asking for a lil' bit o' John Denver as today's Song of the Day.  Since YouChoose is all about you

Make Your Own Gig

We had a '70s Night gig all set up for December 3rd.  The CEO of the organization had said yes.  We'd started planning and getting the band prepped and reserving facilities for rehearsal.  But then something happened.  The CEO changed his mind, for reasons that made sense to him (don't read into that - he had reasons that he felt made the most sense for his organization).  He called today and cancelled the gig.  Guess what?  We're going to play anyway.  We're going to make our own gig.

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Who Are You

Here's a live-in-the-studio version of The Who's great 1978 track, "Who Are You."  It's worth watching just for drummer Keith Moon's faces.  Personalities like his are what rock music is missing today (take that, Lady GaGa!).  So listen, watch, enjoy, and we'll see yuze again tomorrow.


Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: A Horse With No Name

Here's America, live in 1979, performing "A Horse With No Name" in Central Park.  This version is kind of fast.  But you'll notice that it's also kind of arty.  Then you'll realize this isn't just some video.  It's from one of those concert films where the director spliced in some extra "stuff" for us to see while the band performs live.  Think of this as America's "Song Remains The Same," only not as good.  But you know what?  Enjoy.  It's free.