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What About Sponsorships?

A YouChoose Decade Night raises money for good causes.  And it does more.  It's an inexpensive night out for the entire family.  It's a targeted event, reaching music fans attracted to a certain era of music.  In addition, a YouChoose Decade Night helps sponsors raise their reach potential customers in innovative ways.

The main question a hearty soul like yourself is asking right now: Is it even worth talking to YouChoose about a potential sponsorship?  Well, if you are:

Magnum P.I.

Just saw "Let Me Love You Tonight" by the Pure Praire League, with Vince Gill, on YouTube and saw all of the hair and mustachios in the band.  This led me to think about how everyone wanted to look like Tom Selleck when Magnum P.I. came out.  Which led me to look for the Magnum P.I. intro on YouTube.  And it was there.  Now, for your viewing pleasure...

And, since we're at it, here's "Let Me Love You Tonight," from 1980.


Scott Roberts - Golden Throat

Scott Roberts was born in Summit, NJ on Halloween in 1966. Scott moved to Madison, NJ in the 4th grade and remained in Madison through High School. Scott took to singing in the days of WABC AM Radio, learning and singing all of the pop & disco hits of the day. He soon abandoned the AM side of the dial for FM Rock stations like WPLJ & WNEW. He learned dozens of classic rock song lyrics verbatim. He sang his little heart out, but was always confined to doing so in the car, on family trips, or in the isolation of his room.

You YouChoose Song Of The Day: Angry Eyes

Big shout out to Ken Toumey, good friend to YouChoose and also Superstar Telecom Consultant for Schooley Mitchell.   Ken used every ounce of his telecommunications skill to choose some Loggins & Messina for today's YouChoose Song of the Day. 

Your YouChoose Song Of The Day: Maybe I'm Amazed (Live)

Still wondering why radio plays the studio version of this ditty by Sir Paul McCartney.  (Same with Billy Joel's "Captain Jack.")  Sometimes, the live performance of a song completely trumps the constrained, mechanical-sounding studio recording.  Sure, The Eagles and Bob Seger put out some live albums that were great but almost note-for-note copies of what they'd done in the studio.  But with "Maybe I'm Amazed" live from '76, it seems Paul found a new inspiration. 

YouChoose Song Of The Day: I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)

We're about to embark on a journey, a '70s Night.  Think about the 1970s.  There was some awesome music.  There was some awful music.  This song, "I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)," by Grand Funk, came out of 1970.  The video you're about to see was filmed on July 9, 1971 at Shea Stadium.  Just six years earlier, The Beatles had rocked the house with amplifiers the size of your left thigh.  Sure, nobody could hear a thing they played.  But it didn't stop the fans from peeing on their plastic seats.  Watch Grand Funk, listen to how far music had

Two Big Shows

The official announcements are just days away, but for you earlybirds, we'll leak the news.  Tattoo onto your arms that YouChoose will perform an '80s Night on October 29th and a '70s Night on December 3rd. Are you available?  Great.

Both dates are Saturday nights.  We're giving you plenty of advance notice, so make sure you tell all of your friends and family.  Oh, and start thinking about your favorite tunes from the '70s and '80s so you can make your request early.

Details to come.  But save those dates!


The Management

Stephen Stetler - He's Got A PhD in Bass

Stephen Stetler was born August 27, 1979, in Morristown, New Jersey.  He has two younger brothers and was raised in Wayne, New Jersey.  Stetler's interest in music began when he noticed he could hold a tune singing.  He played, and took lessons, on a variety of instruments including the clarinet, piano and electric guitar before finally settling on the bass.  Stetler originally went to college in Staten Island, receiving a handsome scholarship for his voice.  He toured with the choir of Wagner College.  All the while though, he was a rocker through-and-through

Bob DeMaio - Maestro Of The Guitarro

Bob DeMaio was born in 1968 and grew up in Madison, NJ.  Raised in a decidedly non-musical family, Bob was exposed to very little music save for the only two albums his mother owned, Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" and Barry Manilow's "Even Now" (with "Copacabana" on the B-side), which she played repeatedly, and endlessly.  His first musical instrument was his uncle's beat-up and discarded electric guitar, and soon Bob was spending his 8th grade afternoons in the basement, with no amplifier, attempting to jam to songs on the radio.

John Reynolds - Guitar Man

Born in Sacramento, Calif., in October 1966, John Reynolds began his musical odyssey at age 4 by obsessing over his father’s Little Richard 45s. By age 9, he had further developed his musical acumen and style by pretending to be the fourth guitarist in April Wine. Actual music first emerged from John at age 11, when he coerced his father into buying a Japanese knock-off of a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. And, with that, John embarked on a 33-year campaign of membership in rock bands that have been all the rage among his friends and loved ones.

Dave Philp - C.O.G. & Skins

He's the greatest rock star you've never heard of.  His throat is made of gold and his bling is made of, uh, more gold.  He's so filthy rich, he must shower twice a day.  He's your YouChoose Chief Organizer Guy (C.O.G.), Dave Philp.  Dave is a complex individual.  Sure, he's got two kids and one wife, but who doesn't?  The question is, what makes Dave different from the rest?  Read on and find out.

Coming Soon: Another Big Idea!

We're right now in a dark, damp basement toiling away on the second big part of YouChoose.  If you think what you know so far is cool - the fact that we can help your organization raise lots of money by having the YouChoose Band play the songs requested by your organization's donors and friends, and then giving them the option of singing and/or playing along - then wait until our official 2.0 idea is released.  Here's a tease: Unemployed musicians in this country won't have to complain they can't get gigs anymore; not if we can supply them with the tools to create their own gigs!&

Your YouChoose Band

It's kind of important the band that plays at your event is actually good.  Thus, we are providing all of the gritty details right here for you.  You'll get to see some video and pictures on this page and then use the scroll down menu to find out additional information about each band member.


A Sea Of Hands Awaits You

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