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Happy Birthday To Bruce Springsteen's 'Nebraska'

On September 20, 1982 - 31 years ago - Bruce Springsteen released the influential, iconic Nebraska album.  In honor of this very special birthday, we'll show you a 9-minute documentary below about the record and then give you a shot to hear the whole shebang in one sitting.  Have you ever heard the whole record?

5 Female Singers You Forgot

Everybody knows Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and Rihanna.  We miss Whitney Houston and are still on the fence about Madonna.  But what about all of the other female artists of the past 40 years who helped pave the way for today's lineup?  Sure, there's Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar and the Wilson sisters from Heart.  But, if we dig just a wee bit deeper, we'll see that there are many femmes we've forgotten about.  Five of those forgotten ladies are listed below.  Before you look, who'd be on your list?

Compare & Contrast: "How Long" By The Eagles

The song "How Long" was written by J.D. Souther back in 1972.  His buddies, The Eagles, played the song throughout the '70s.  They didn't play it in the '80s because they were broken up.  In 2007, the band released it's first album of all "new" material since 1979, Long Road To Eden.  The first single from the album?  "How Long."  Below, you'll see/hear Los Eagles 1973 live performance of the song and then a live performance of the song from 2007.  In the 34 years between performances, what changed?  Anything?

The Short List: Songs About Pretenders & Pretending

We've written up lots of lists.  They're usually pretty long.  For example, our list about September, Teachers, and Back-To-School was 100 songs long.  Our list about Friends & Friendship was 123 songs long.  While we usually accompany the long lists with our Top 9 favorites, even those lists, with bonuses, can get long.  So today, we present The Short List.  No more than 6 songs about one topic.

Why Prince Is A Rock Star

Prince is what you could call one of music's more eccentric personalities.  He's an odd duck, almost like Johnny Depp.  But you must appreciate Prince's talent.  From the Purple Rain soundtrack and film (later re-made and called 8 Mile, starring Eminem) to "1999" to his look to his creativity.  But, don't forget that the man can rock; he can scream and, maybe most important, play guitar with the best of 'em.  Check out two live performances and see if you agree.

Rock Quote Of The Day: Phil Collins (Then Of Genesis)

"People used to criticize us… ‘You’ve got how many hit singles now? Why are you writing short songs? Why have you changed?’ Well, do you still read the same kind of books? Do you still wear the same kind of clothes? No, you change, you grow up, and that is reflected in what we are writing." 

The Beatles Greatest (And Worst) Hits - By Other Bands

There are countless covers of Beatle songs.  Heck, there are over 500 entire albums of Beatle songs, from Sarah Vaughan to George Benson to Chet Atkins to the Chipmunks.  Not many of today’s popular artists do Beatle covers (thank the Lord)

Greatest Love Song Line Ever (Pt. 4): "Message In A Bottle"

I'm hoping Sting is never forgotten for the great music that he's brought to the world, or been involved with bringing into the world.  As he ages and his style & ideas change, I sense people are regarding him more and more in the same vein as Phil Collins.  People forget how Phil Collins OWNED the music world for a spell, writing, performing, producing songs/albums that sold millions upon millions of units (hate that word, so sterile).  With Sting, let's not forget his greatest love song line from back when he was cool.

Hanging Out With David + Dave - Live With Artist Steve DeFrank

Watch right here for a fun, in depth discussion with artist Steve DeFrank.  

Hanging Out With David + Dave is produced ('wow, that sounds cool,' you're thinking) and hosted ('not as cool,' you're thinking) by David Deutsch of SynergiSocial and Dave Philp of YouChoose.

Forget Madonna - Lady Gaga Is Today's Grace Jones

Lady Gaga has received a lot of attention, well deserved, because she's talented both musically and visually.  Meanwhile, she's also received a lot written about how much she's either today's Madonna or how much she completely ripped off Madonna.  But listening to her new single, "Applause," makes one think not of Madonna, but of another solo female artist from the last generation: Grace Jones.  Here's why.

Forget Madonna - Lady Gaga Is Today's Grace Jones