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You're Invited! Classic Rock Night VI: Back To The '80s

Come on out to Classic Rock Night VI: Back To The '80s on Saturday, January 25th at 6:00 PM.  Your ticket buys you dinner, supplied by Jersey Mike's Subs, and a guaranteed seat to watch your YouChoose Band play songs people like YOU requested.  You'll see/hear tracks by:

- The Go-Gos

- Steely Dan

- Fleetwood Mac

- Tracy Chapman

- The Pretenders

And more!


Where: Packanack Clubhouse
52 Lake Drive West
Wayne, NJ 07470

Contact: Chief Organizer Guy Dave Philp

Seela's Paint & Wallpaper - Use 'Em!

Seela's Paint & Wallpaper is now a sponsor of Classic Rock Night III.  Bob Seela, the man behind the store, is the king of pain and the duke of wallpaper.  He knows his stuff, much more than you, so only God knows why you aren't there now.  Please, visit this man and his store and make your home or office or cardboard box more beautiful than every before!

We Love Gencarelli's

Our food sponsor for Classic Rock Night III is Gencarelli's, the best pizza retailer in America, starting today.  They are located right near the Clubhouse, where Classic Rock Night III shall be held, at 60 Lake Drive West in scenic Packanack Lake, part of Wayne, NJ.  Go to them.  Love them.  Eat their food.  They're a-gonna give us some great eats at Classic Rock Night Tres.  In fact, every ticket will come with their food, so bring an empty stomach.

New Fundraisers Announced

YouChoose Music has two new fundraisers that we're proud to announce.  The first is September 18th in support of Wayne's Packanack Community Church, which was hit was nearly $300,000 of storm damage on July 31st.  The second is November 5th in support of CUMAC, New Jersey's most pivotal food bank.

I Got To Admit, It's Not Getting Better

We had a great time on April 23rd with CUMAC Beatles Night II.  We raised over $8,000 for CUMAC - NJ's most piovotal food bank - with our 2015/2016 Beatles activities.  That's a lot of families WE ALL helped feed.

A Message From Your Chief Organizer Guy Re: Classic Rock Night II

Thank you so much for coming out to Saturday night's event. Its success surpassed our wildest expectations. We had to add a table. And then another. And then another. And then scramble for chairs and more chairs and more chairs. You kept coming.

Classic Rock Night II - Our New Favorite Sponsors To Add To The Last One

Last you heard from us, we'd secured the Lakeside Restaurant & Bar as the dinner sponsor for Classic Rock Night II.  We've now added Ruby's Travel and Public Image Ltd. salon, both of Wayne, as two additional sponsors.  What do they get?

Songs!  Lots of them.

Horns For Classic Rock Night!

We mentioned we play song requests, right? Well, we'll have a horn section at this gig. On the set list is "25 Or 6 To 4" by Chicago. We'd like the horns to play on 2 or 3 other songs.